Obama Lizard man?

Houston, Texas- At 5:30 P.M. Obama broke his silence with the media with a quick get together in the dead center of Houston where he announced that he is in fact a lizard man from Mars. He spoke on this topic for several minutes stating that “He is no less man than you.” after a… Continue reading Obama Lizard man?



Breaking News Report: “Tom we are down here in Little Italy, in New York where world peace has finally been achieved.  Yes, Tom you heard me right world peace has been achieved. Earlier today Beyonce announced that she was in fact having twins. We interviewed several people about the incident.  ‘Well I’m just glad that… Continue reading Beyonce

Bill Gates

Microsoft's’ secret underground headquarters. “Tom I’m down here with Microsoft owner Bill Gates where he has revolutionized the bodyguard industry. He has hired behind me two Mexican men and has given them two high powered sniper rifles that shoot blood diamonds, yes Tom you heard me right blood diamonds I asked Bill about these strange… Continue reading Bill Gates


Religious Scientist.

MIT “Tom I’m down here at the MIT where they have some of the most studious people are trying to propel humanity into the future. Except one, yes Tom it seems one MIT student is extremely religious and is in fact having an existential crisis. He is suffering from extreme mood swings anywhere from crying… Continue reading Religious Scientist.