Breaking News Report:
“Tom we are down here in Little Italy, in New York where world peace has finally been achieved.  Yes, Tom you heard me right world peace has been achieved. Earlier today Beyonce announced that she was in fact having twins. We interviewed several people about the incident.  ‘Well I’m just glad that America can finally be reunited over something that actually matters.’ Said House Speaker Paul Ryan. ‘I was going to push the big red button at any second but then this popped up in my Instragram feed and now I have decided to put it off for now.’ Said Russian President Vladimir Putin. ‘Well I was on a collision course with Earth and was about to smash all of you to bits but I have now decided to miss by a mile, boy you sure are lucky about this timing!’-Said one passing asteroid. ‘Well just when I was all out of hope on the humanity project you came out with this, this sudden change really opened my eyes of how the human project could still succeed thank you Beyonce, truly you saved humanity.’ Said God, the almighty father. Yes, Tom it is a truly happy moment here in Little Italy people are literally dancing in the street behind me and might I say it is truly wonderful to have achieve world peace we asked Beyonce for a statement. ‘I just wanted to stay in the public eyes a bit longer and babies do the trick I couldn’t be happy now no one will ever forget the time a celebrity had a baby.’ Said Beyonce.

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