KKK accepting non white members

“Tom I’m here in Louisiana where the KKK has made a monumental step in repairing race relations. Yes, that’s right Tom the KKK is working toward repairing hurt race relationships. This means that the KKK will now be accepting non-white members effective immediately I asked the grand grand wizard for a comment. ‘Well I just… Continue reading KKK accepting non white members

From the writer… J.K. Rowling

From critically acclaimed writer J.K. Rowling  a new adventure set in the old world of Harry Potter with a brand new cast of fun and lovable character you have Main character  who everyone loves and looks up two and the other two fuckers who no one really cares about. Have you ever wondered what the… Continue reading From the writer… J.K. Rowling

Donald Trump meeting with the Chinese leader.

Early today President Donald Trump arrived in Beijing to meet with the Chinese president. Donald has a strict policy of America first so it was no surprise to anyone when he first walked up on stage and instead of shaking hands with the president he instead squinted his eyes extremely tight and said to the… Continue reading Donald Trump meeting with the Chinese leader.