ISIS Demands Donald stop calling them WASWAS

Early today president Donald Trump while hosting a secretary dinner was thrown into a rage while shaking hands with journalist from all different sources. He met with the best news sources Breitbart news and Fox News, but when he saw the reporter from CNN he calmly went shaked his hand and went up to the pedestal and began taking some nice and easy questions from Breitbart like “Why are you so awesome?” and “How’s it feel to be the only human being that matters.” and he was remotely calm until a reporter from CNN stood up and asked “How are you going to repair race relations that were severed last year?” He looked stunned for a second looked under the podium and grabbed a baseball bat labeled ‘Fake News’  he then began chasing the reporter for a good 5 minutes before becoming winded and being dragged back into the back room where Mike Pence put a bottle into his mouth that was filled with fried chicken while whispering ‘You’ll get them big guy, then we turn on the gays just like we agreed.”

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