Chinese are invading says local man

New York- We all know about conspiracy theories but one has taken the cake. Here in New York a Mr. Jerry Smith who says he knows all about the secrets that resides underneath every Panda Express. He states that under every Panda Express there are 1,000 Chinese Soldiers and 100 Chinese Tanks, and at least 400 tons of sweet and sour sauce. “You ever notice that when they give you sweet and sour sauce they always give you just a taste of it I know for a fact they have a lot more down there why don’t you go to your cellar and get some more if you have nothing to hide? I just think it’s a little suspicious.” He says he got the idea after he read a report on the internet that Chinese food would be the downfall of America a post by Breitbart News. The man has apparently set up a sniper post across the street saying quote “I’ll get that sweet and Sour sauce next time don’t try and cheat me out of America’s favorite sauce.”

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