From the writer… J.K. Rowling

From critically acclaimed writer J.K. Rowling  a new adventure set in the old world of Harry Potter with a brand new cast of fun and lovable character you have Main character  who everyone loves and looks up two and the other two fuckers who no one really cares about. Have you ever wondered what the huffelapuffelas were doing while Harry was saving the world did you say yes then you’re in luck because JK Rowling presents A Harry Potter story about a huffleapuffela who struggles with the everyday realities that he is not a hero and needs to graduate. And don’t forget the main character his name is Larry and he has a scar on his hand after cutting himself while chopping onions it will set him down a path of justice and heroism, and don’t forget about his two friends nerd and third wheel. These characters are completely different from the original cast this time third wheel is a girl and is completely useless with red hair and nerd is a boy who is so smart he could solve all the problems on his own. But don’t worry because this new series is both fun and enjoyable for all ages and has loads of good morals like don’t touch that lady you might catch something or prostitutes are a cowards way out.

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