KKK accepting non white members

“Tom I’m here in Louisiana where the KKK has made a monumental step in repairing race relations. Yes, that’s right Tom the KKK is working toward repairing hurt race relationships. This means that the KKK will now be accepting non-white members effective immediately I asked the grand grand wizard for a comment. ‘Well I just think what Donald Trump is doing to this country is just unacceptable.” I asked him if this would hurt the KKK’s original standpoints of killing and hanging those black people they hate so much. ‘Oh no we will still lynch them filthy blacks.we will just accept them as long as they help us lynch themselves. You’d be surprised how many member we already had since we can’t see through our white knight outfits, turns out we had a lot of blacks it was super weird to see like 4 black dudes pop out of our wizard costumes we then forced them to put them back on.’ Certainly a weird sight Tom and we’ll see if this fixes any of the relationships that Donald Trump has severed with a machete.

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