Classic movie fan can’t wait for reboot of movie.

“I really am excited for the Back to the Future movies I really think they will be as good as the original three.” Says classic movie fan who has seen them all and hates anything modern. “To me it looks like they are going to be smart with the re release of these movies as… Continue reading Classic movie fan can’t wait for reboot of movie.


PornHub Shadow Government?

Deep down in the very depths of the human race's most dark and desirable place lies a government that operates above the law but doesn’t break any rules and doesn’t pull any real governmental strings, no, no this shadow government just does the government's jobs they are known as pornhub first they seem harmless. Then… Continue reading PornHub Shadow Government?

World Leaders Wrestling League

Tom I’m here on a deserted oil rig in the Pacific ocean where the U.N. has just announced a new way of dealing with wars. The new strategy came after a conversation about a war that took many lives all around to stop that from happening again. The solution was right in front of them… Continue reading World Leaders Wrestling League


Donald having trouble which character to put on today

“Tom I’m here outside the White House where president Donald Trump cannot decide which character to put on during today's press conference. He is trying on different ties and saying things like “The news is fine I was wrong.” and ‘I hate the media so much you are so mean to me how could you.”… Continue reading Donald having trouble which character to put on today


The church of Jesus’s eternal love.

Hello all future members of the Church of God’s love. We call it this because God loves us and only us. All of those other churches are liars and frauds by saying god loves them, because god loves us. But we digress we are a small church that rewards those who follow our every command.… Continue reading The church of Jesus’s eternal love.