World Leaders Wrestling League

Tom I’m here on a deserted oil rig in the Pacific ocean where the U.N. has just announced a new way of dealing with wars. The new strategy came after a conversation about a war that took many lives all around to stop that from happening again. The solution was right in front of them the whole time and came about after watching some good ole WWE they decided they would start their own wrestling league that would broadcast worldwide whenever a country has a dispute instead of killing each other’s citizens the have cameras all around this oil rig and netting down below so that the leader will not actually die but will be out the goal is to get the leader you are facing out of the arena using any wrestling tactic you can. They have tested this idea a couple of time all times it’s been Trump V Queen of England because she called him a bloody wanker, but this idea is free to watch and will be on PBS tonight with Trump V Queen of England once again over Trump throwing the Queens tea into the harbor.

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