PornHub Shadow Government?

Deep down in the very depths of the human race’s most dark and desirable place lies a government that operates above the law but doesn’t break any rules and doesn’t pull any real governmental strings, no, no this shadow government just does the government’s jobs they are known as pornhub first they seem harmless. Then out of nowhere they salt roads in New Jersey and New York this is a mere first step to concurring the world you see they have a grasp more than anyone can imagine they have everyone’s search history of all the weird stuff they watch the president they got it. Anyways the next thing they did was plants trees why would they want to do that you may not see it but the truth is that the trees are releasing a chemical to make us watch more of their videos, then comes the case of the pandas I’m onto you pornhub you say you wanted to help the pandas but I know your secret that you want to control when and how humans mate by forcing us to watch those videos to control the seasons in which we can mate so that you can take complete control of the human race I know what your upto and I’m going to stop it.

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