Classic movie fan can’t wait for reboot of movie.

“I really am excited for the Back to the Future movies I really think they will be as good as the original three.” Says classic movie fan who has seen them all and hates anything modern. “To me it looks like they are going to be smart with the re release of these movies as long as it isn’t all just CGI garbage it will be just as good if not better than the original. And I may hate Adam Sandler but I feel he might just be right for the role of Marty Mcfly and Chris Pratt will do a great job playing Doc Brown. I mean have you seen the trailer where they fly into the Middle East while wearing make America great again hates while shooting the Libyan terrorist I wish they would have done that in the original movie! And the director of the movie I think that Michael Bay will just do wonders for the series one thing I always hated about the originals is there were never enough explosions and god I hope they do Godfather next!”

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